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Is DIY surveillance a good idea?

With the amount of ‘spy’ gadgetry that is now available on the market, more and more people are carrying out their own surveillance, especially with mobile phones. Mobile phones are particularly susceptible for turning into spy devices because of their microphones, built-in cameras and GPS tracking. In fact, with a simple piece of software installed on a phone and access to the IMEI number, it’s possible to track emails, phone calls, texts and location.

With this kind of technology available, jealous spouses who suspect their partners may be having an affair, are tracking their every movement, listening to their phone calls and tracing the numbers that are both ringing into the mobile and ringing out.

In light of this, and with a little assistance from a private investigation company, people are now carrying out their own digital surveillance because it’s so easy to do.

However, not all surveillance is as simple as tracking what somebody might be doing on their mobile phone. Many people, if they’re having an affair, are very careful to cover their tracks and may have a separate mobile that they use which their partner isn’t aware of. In scenarios like this, then physical surveillance involving following the individual and covertly taking photographs is likely to be necessary in order to gain the necessary evidence that they’re having an affair.

Of course, it’s not only unfaithful partners where surveillance can come into play. It can be used in situations such as tracking down people evading debt or in the corporate world where fraud or theft might be suspected by certain staff members.

So, an element of DIY surveillance can be a good idea but sometimes, it pays to bring in a professional private investigation company that can carry out more extensive surveillance to get results. Please contact Insight Investigations to discuss your surveillance needs in confidence.

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