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Competitor Profiling Investigations

To be on top you have to know your competition and stay ahead of the curve. Our service gives you the edge you need to stay on top.
Competitor profiling Investigations gathers information to build a profile of your competitors

Competitor Profiling can give knowledge and information about potential markets that are important, but it is equally important is to know as much as you can about your competitors.

Having worked hard to gain competitive advantage you will want to keep it. It can be time consuming and often difficult to find out the true and most up to date picture about your business rivals. You need to know how to compete with them in an environment of healthy competition or if an unfair advantage exists.

You understand your market and what will give you competitive advantage in your product or service area. Having developed something unique that gives you that advantage you immediately become vulnerable, the opportunist and speculator will be ready to imitate your product – usually with inferior copies, or to take advantage of confidential strategic information, illegally gained. The potential to damage your good standing and balance sheet can be alarmingly easy in this age of micro technology, and the advancement of the internet.

Whilst imitation may be flattering, it is a compliment that can cost legitimate owners millions, from the designer names of international repute to prototypes of new and innovative manufacturing processes.

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Competitor Profiling Investigation Services

We are able to help with advice and action from experienced personnel and using the latest technology, to detect illicit devices to counter Industrial Espionage…..saving your ideas and strategies for your market alone.

We have the expertise to assist you in the management and control of such situations in order to dispel doubt and restore faith, or to confirm doubts and enable you to take the necessary action.

Research in the form of undercover surveillance, including the use of discrete electronic equipment, has resulted in saving considerable time, money and reputation for clients.

The application will vary according to the nature of the case. Each assignment is carefully assessed in order that the appropriate personnel, with the necessary skills and expertise, are deployed.

Exposure and prosecutions at every level in both the private and public sectors have helped to secure our place as a successful investigation agency that gets reliable results.

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