Employee Absenteeism

The pandemic changed the working environment beyond recognition some elements of which linger today and that includes the prevalence of employee absenteeism. In a time where greater flexibility is expected by employees, being able to control when and how people are working is becoming increasingly difficult and putting HR teams and small businesses under huge…

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What Private Investigators do

What Private Investigators do is utilise their skills to obtain evidence by uncovering the truth of a situation by gathering evidence for their clients. Private Investigators in the UK assist clients in finding the answers to questions, skills, that will have been developed over many years, assisting clients in legal, commercial and private matters. Being

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Faking GPS Locations

The new technological development of faking GPS locations is just one of the advances in tech which has reshaped the way we live, interact and behave, but in the context of extramarital affairs it’s something which can enable partners to adopt second lives easily with very little chance of detection. Our dedicated relationships team here

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