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London Private Investigators

London Investigators

Insight’s London based private Investigators and Detectives operate in a very different way to the operative teams in our other regional hubs.   At Insight Investigations we have field agents and operational teams stationed across the country and our specialist London regional team understands how to navigate the complexities of the UK’s capital city. Each…

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TV Private Detectives

When asking the question – Who was the best TV private detective of all time? – we first need to understand why the world of private detectives has always been an area of fascination for many. Private detective shows shouldn’t be confused with police dramas – in fact the role of the private detective in…

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copyright infringement

Copyright Infringement

Intellectual property theft can mean different things from copyright infringement to patent theft and is a very complex area to navigate with many different licences and regulations. The theft of intellectual property can be costly in the immediate term with loss of sales or market share but can also cause long term and irreparable damage…

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History of Private Investigators

Private investigators have been around for many years. The first recorded instance of an official private detective agency operating dates back to 1833 in Paris where a soldier and one time criminal Eugene Francois Vidocq set up a business that involved the hiring of ex-convicts and criminals to carry out operations that the police of the day…

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corporate investigations

There are Many Forms of Corporate Investigation

In the busy environment and world of a commercial or corporate business, there are many forms of corporate investigations. Many situations occur where a corporate investigation is required to help identify underhand internal activities right through to matters such as employee absenteeism. However, due to a general lack of knowledge of the services that private detectives offer,…

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Employee Theft in the workplace is on the increase

There has always been employee theft in the workplace, a sad reality of commerce. With the ever increasing systems and infrastructure commercial enterprises can depend on, somewhere somebody or a criminal organisation is working away trying to steal stock, goods, information, which makes bottom line profits even harder to achieve. The UK recession saw a…

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Infidelity: how to tell if your partner is being unfaithful

Unfaithful partners. Just the phrase is enough to make some people angry, others sad and even more just nervous. Nobody wants to be with a partner that is two-timing them; it’s the ultimate betrayal. But how can you know if your loved one is trustworthy? When you look at the numbers it’s hardly surprising that…

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