Frequently Asked Questions

A step by step guide to your initial phone call.

question-manInsight Investigations operate a 24 Hour service that is answered by qualified trusted and trained staff. They will listen with sensitivity to your particular situation and offer sensible and practical alternatives to enable you to take control of your problem. Sometimes all it takes is an independent ear to help you sort out in your own mind the way forward for you.



Insight Investigations do not charge for the time taken to talk through your situation over the telephone – whether you go ahead with an investigation or not.


At Insight Investigations we recognise that the decision to make that first phone call to an investigation agency is not an easy step or one taken lightly. It is most probably the first time that you have even considered the possibility. To have got this far you are probably experiencing a range of unsettling emotions that leave you vulnerable and unsure of yourself. There are many questions that you may have but some of the more commonly asked are answered below.

How to proceed

After an initial discussion with Insight it will have been established if Insight can assist your situation, if you then wish to proceed with the investigation an experienced operative can take details of the investigations over the telephone. We may ask for you to confirm these instructions in writing. In some circumstances the complexity of the enquiry will require an experienced operative to meet with you at a suitable venue of your choosing or at one of our Regional Offices to take your detailed instructions in person. Once full instructions are received your enquiry will commence immediately or at the a prearranged time.

Common Questions & Answers

How can I be sure that the information I discuss will be treated in confidence?

Insight Investigations have been involved in investigative work for over 30 years and have built a strong and sustained reputation obtaining a large number of enquiries based on recommendation. Details of an enquiry are passed only to those operatives that are directly involved in the enquiry and at no time are the full details of your case removed from our secure premises.

How would you deal with a potential conflict of interest?

If it were felt that handling your enquiry would cause a possible conflict of interest, as soon as this became apparent we would advise you and would not continue with details of your case. In such circumstances all information relating to your enquiry is confidentially disposed of.

How much will it cost me?

The cost will vary dependent upon the nature of the enquiry, the number of operatives and specialist equipment required. When between us we have agreed upon the objectives of the case and the best way of achieving them, an estimate of the job will be given. We ask for half the estimated cost to be paid at the outset of the enquiry with the balance being paid on completion of the work.

How will I pay for the information?

The methods of payment are designed to suit individual customers, you can choose the method best suited to your circumstances. All credit and debit card payments are protected by the Credit Card Guarantee Scheme.

Will the person ever be aware that an investigation is being carried out?

Only if you tell them!

Could the investigation ever be traced back to me?

The only way this could happen is if you leave information regarding the investigation in view of others! At no time is client confidentiality breached. Whenever contact is made with Insight requesting information on a particular enquiry the person dealing with the enquiry asks pertinent questions to verify the identity of the caller.

How would contact be maintained confidentially?

All correspondence sent to you is only sent at your request to an address that you have given us.� You may nominate a close friend or relative that can receive confidential mail on your behalf. Telephone contact can be maintained at times only you specify. When calling you, Insight never give the company name.

Do I have to give my full details including my home address?

Not always. Insight do need to ensure that you are who you say you are to protect the legality of an enquiry.

Will I be breaking the law or asking you to on my behalf?

You may ask us to, but working within current legislation is imperative.

What should I look for in a private Investigation company and is there any official standards that I can be guided by?

In the UK there is no requirement for a Private Investigator to be licensed. Speaking to an agency direct is often the best way to determine whether or not they are right for you. Insight Investigations enjoy a large and satisfied client base that have been reassured by the Insight Investigations own code of conduct. You need to be confident in the advice that you are being given. You need the reassurance that you can trust and rely upon the people that you are talking to. After all you will be baring part of your soul and letting a stranger in on a very private part of your life. Insight are full members of the World Association of Professional Investigators.

Insight Investigations have: Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

How is the information gained presented?

In most circumstances at the end of an Investigation a full report is sent to you. In some circumstances clients only wish for a verbal report. During the course of an Investigation clients may wish to telephone for an update and this is accommodated wherever possible. Any video evidence obtained is present in VHS format.

What next?

Contact Insight to discuss your case or request further information.

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