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If you need evidence to help support a criminal appeal for a crime you did not commit, Insight can help. Our criminal appeal investigation services can help assist your case.
Our criminal appeal investigation services can help assist your case.

Criminal Appeal investigations can be held if you’ve been to court and been convicted or sentenced for a crime, and are confident of your innocence to all or part of the conviction.

Many innocent, or partially innocent people can be wrongly convicted simply due to insufficient evidence in support of their defence.

At Insight Investigations, we have specialist criminal appeal investigators who have the skills and experience to review criminal cases and carry out a targeted investigation to help uncover previously unknown evidence to aid your appeal.

Our Team and Director of Operations Tony Smith, regularly works with APPEAL, a charity and law practice that fights miscarriages of justice and demands reform.

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The Criminal Appeal Process

The criminal appeal process is similar to a standard criminal investigation, but with a slightly different focus as the defendant has already been convicted and liberty has been lost.

In this situation we find that time is of the essence in which to carry out the appeal, and there’s a limit to the amount of appeals you can make. It is therefore vital that you hire a private investigator to help with your case straightaway.

A specialist criminal appeal investigator can assist by providing stronger evidence that may not have been fully investigated or even available at the time of the trial.

Criminal appeal investigators are dedicated to hunting down any potential witnesses, together with hunting for evidence and overall proof that you did not commit the crime you’ve been convicted of.

In addition, our investigators have a thorough knowledge of police procedures, and if one small but significant procedure has not been followed correctly, or facts have been made to fit the crime, we can usually highlight this, which potentially can be used in your appeal.

Criminal Appeal Investigators

You may have been arrested and charged, then faced with restricted liberty while the police, the CPS and other agencies worked collectively to build a case against you.

That’s a lot of people and resources working against you.

Most solicitors rely heavily on interviews with you, along with witness statements and readily available evidence in support of your defence.

However, in general, they do not go out actively seeking new supportive evidence, or check on the validity of the prosecution’s evidence.

Many legal aid solicitors and barristers are restricted with fees available through the legal aid system in the UK, therefore have to use their resources with care.

Our investigators can analyse the original court documents, with your solicitor if required, and decide on the best approach for your appeal, scrutinising the evidence in their quest for justice.

Grounds to Appeal

When lodging an appeal it’s essential to get it right first time, as you may not get another chance. Grounds to appeal a conviction must be strong.

To succeed in the Appeals Court you need irrefutable new evidence that, if introduced in your original case, would have affected the outcome, or proof that police procedures were not followed correctly.

If you believe you have grounds to lodge an appeal, contact us today to discuss your case.

Criminal Appeal cases can be difficult as we are being consulted somewhat ‘after the fact’ when the Client has already been convicted.

It is imperative that matters are commenced as soon as possible in order that the ‘scales of justice’ can be re balanced as soon as possible.

For new criminal charges that have not yet led to a conviction, please refer to our criminal defence services.

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