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When you begin to question the faithfulness of your spouse or partner, is it usually not knowing that is the worst part.

At in Insight Investigations, our team of Matrimonial and Relationship Investigators – maintain 100% confidentiality in order to set your mind at ease, or to collate substantial evidence in order to address the problem so that you have the information to decide what to do next.

Suspicions are typically aroused due to behavioural changes in a partner, and in many cases, it is unclear whether these changes are as innocent as they may first appear.

In the past, our team of investigators have found that a suspected unfaithful partner may merely have been planning a surprise for their other half, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

You may be certain that your partner is being unfaithful, or keeping secrets from you, and it is simply a matter of proving this using our techniques. Only by having the facts and proof of their actions will you be able to resolve your concerns and even confront the issue if necessary.

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How to tell if your partner is being unfaithful

There are many tell-tale signs that a partner might be being unfaithful. Some of these can appear to seem innocent, however, if you still firmly believe that your partner may be seeing someone else, then you may need to consider taking further action.

Possible signs of an unfaithful partner include but aren’t limited to:

  • They have become distant/ ignore you or become defensive when confronted
  • Are often short-tempered, especially when questioned
  • Distinct changes in mobile phone usage.
  • They won’t answer their phone around you.
  • They work late more often than usual.
  • They are very protective of computer history and their computer usage habit can change.
  • Spending more time away from home.
  • Their clothes have distinctive smells of perfume, aftershave, alcohol or smoke.
  • They are not as interested in sex or become unaffectionate.
  • These are just a few signs which may be the reason for you to suspect that your partner is being unfaithful.

Digital Infidelity

With the internet and social media being a staple in everyday modern life, this causes the line between what is classed as infidelity and what isn’t to become rather blurry.

This belief can differ from one person to the next, as some people, particularly in older generations view being unfaithful as a physical act.

Unfortunately, being unfaithful can now take many forms.

Many discussions have been had about digital infidelity, what it is and how serious it is – and in some cases, some could be engaging in an online affair and not even know about it. It can start from a seemingly innocent comment on a photo and can stretch to sending romantic messages to someone whilst being partnered with someone else.

As it doesn’t involve meeting them in person or being physical in their dishonesty, it can still cause rifts in your relationship as it is.

In this sense, being unfaithful both physically and digital can be investigated and dealt with in similar ways.

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What to do if you think your partner is being unfaithful 

If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, it is important to address your concerns and not bury them.

Unless you know the truth, you will remain anxious and will never move on – so you need to take the leap and be prepared for whatever the outcome may be.

There are, of course, steps you can take yourself, such as carrying out your own investigation and use surveillance equipment available to purchase online.

These do, however, require some technical know-how – so if you do require help, then don’t be afraid to outsource to a private investigator to do this for you.

Private investigators are asked regularly to investigate a potential cheating partner, and our team of professional Matrimonial and Relationship Investigators are specialists in in conducting confidential enquiries anywhere in the world.

If you believe that your partner is being unfaithful, do not hesitate to contact Insight Investigations for further details on how we are able to help.

We tailor each investigation to the needs of the client and can provide the necessary evidence to satisfy the individual, in many formats.

For more information on the services we provide or to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 540 4144.