What Does A Detective Agency Do?

There is a recurring stereotype of a private detective agency as a service that only prioritises cases of infidelity or missing persons. However, whilst these two operations constitute very important aspects of our responsibility, the range of services that we offer at Insight Investigations are actually a lot more diverse:

Corporate Investigations

At Insight Investigations we have the experience and expertise to help you solve that difficult corporate issue. Whether you want us to deliver comprehensive competitor profiling or you want to ensure due diligence, at Insight Investigations we are ideal partners to help you achieve that all important competitive edge, and ensure that you thrive in a corporate environment that is free from problems.

Private Investigations

We are also renowned for our traditional detective agency services, and therefore should you be a private client we have will be able to offer you a service as thorough as our corporate investigations. We are, therefore, a great place to turn to help resolve a variety of personal issues, whether it be matrimonial investigations or missing person investigations; at Insight Investigations we have all the technology and skill to give you every chance of reaching a positive solution.

As a brief idea, the methods that we will employ to help you e.g. resolve a matrimonial issue include some of the following: video evidence, we will always endeavour to gain video evidence during our investigations which will obviously help you down the line and we will use the latest in mobile tracing, ensuring effective observation of our target throughout the operation.