What Does A Detective Agency Do?

There is a recurring stereotype of a private detective agency and the mystery surrounding what does a Detective Agency do?

There is a fallacy that a Detective Agency provides a service that only prioritises cases of infidelity or missing persons.

However, whilst these two operations constitute very important aspects of our responsibility, the range of services that we offer at Insight Investigations are actually more diverse and cover the whole spectrum of the private detective industry, available to private, commercial and legal clients throughout the UK.

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Investigation services that we assist clients with on a regular basis include, but are not limited to;

A Private Detective is also often referred to as a Private Investigator, often shortened to PI, a term adopted from America. Other terms used include Enquiry Agent and private eye.

A private detective can have a long and exciting career providing services to clients, however anyone with a desire to enter the profession needs to remain realistic that conducting investigations requires long hours, tenacity, certain skill sets, with an enquiring mind and won’t bring you massive financial rewards.  

Insight Investigations have both male and female detectives, many from a service background. Others who have been investigators for many years, with the diversity and experience that brings. They all have their individual skills, and bring a broad range of knowledge to the agency, which in turn benefits its clients from using an established detective agency.

A private detective can have a varied work schedule from day to day, that can range from long hours sitting waiting for movement whilst on a surveillance for a commercial theft investigation, to door knocking looking to establish the whereabouts of a long lost friend or relative.

During the course of an investigation, a private detective will need to think on their feet and will often come up against a wide range of circumstances that they need to react quickly upon.

This can be, which vehicle do they follow now the subjects of the investigation have parted company, (which is where teamwork and working alongside fellow private detectives in a surveillance team with communications back-up is invaluable), to collating evidence and leads obtained during the course of an on-line investigation. 

Conducting Corporate Investigations

At Insight Investigations we have the experience and expertise to help you solve that difficult corporate issue. Whether you want us to deliver comprehensive competitor profiling or you want to ensure due diligence, at Insight Investigations we are ideal partners to help you achieve that all important competitive edge, and ensure that you thrive in a corporate environment that is free from problems or reprisals.

Private Investigations

We are also renowned for our traditional detective agency services, and therefore should you be a private client we will be able to offer you a wide range of services, therefore a good place to turn to, to help resolve a variety of personal issues, whether it be relationship investigations or missing person investigations.  At Insight Investigations we have all the technology and skills to give you every chance of reaching a positive solution.

The methods that our private detectives will employ to help you resolve a private or commercial issue include some of the following:

Video evidence

We will always endeavour to gain video evidence during our investigations, wherever this is legally possible or would not compromise an investigation which will obviously help you when your investigation is complete, to achieve the ultimate outcome you wanted.

Vehicle Tracking

We will use the latest in technology for live vehicle tracking, if the circumstances of law allow, ensuring effective surveillance of the target subject throughout the operation.

On-line and social media

Even given all the advice and warnings to the general public about revealing too much information on social media, if you know how to look, and what to look for, much information can be gained in an open-source environment. Sometimes digging a little deeper, whilst staying within the confines of UK law.

Information sources

Over the past few years, and the toughening of laws such as the DPA and GDPR, many ethical private detectives are now limited to sources of information. The benefit of employing a professional private detective means that we can gain access to information not generally available to the general public, to assist a case.  Knowing where to look in open-source material can be half the battle.

Therefore employing a professional private detective to get the job done, with the minimum of fuss, within a timescale and budget that you are comfortable with can be the reassurance you need to look beyond the mystery of what a detective agency does. Insight’s team of award winning experienced private detectives are available 24/7 to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best way forward.  Call us on the number below or use our contact us form.

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