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Three Reasons to Consider Matrimonial Surveillance

Relationships are hard work, especially when you feel like there’s something your partner isn’t telling you. Whether you’re married or not, here are three reasons to consider using a matrimonial surveillance service.

You Can’t Tear Your Partner Away from Their Mobile Phone, iPad or Computer

Increased mobile phone usage, with no apparent reason, is often the first sign your partner’s keeping something from you. If your partner is secretive and defensive about their mobile phone, computer or iPad usage, there’s even more cause for concern.

Does your partner refuse to leave the phone unattended around you? Have they suddenly set up password locks on their iPad? These are red flags. If they’re taking an increased number of phone calls, leaving the room to talk, or constantly tapping away at their keypad, it might be time to consider getting some outside help to uncover their secrets.

They’re Never at Home

Has your partner started to spend an increasing amount of time away from home? This in itself is cause for concern, but is often coupled with other warning signs, which shouldn’t be ignored. Have you noticed any inconsistencies in their stories, or do they get defensive when you ask questions? Sometimes, there’s a good explanation for such behaviour, but matrimonial surveillance can be used to validate your partner’s reasoning, giving you the peace of mind you need to feel secure in your relationship.

Your Partner Has a History of Keeping Secrets

Has something happened in the past that you just can’t shake? If your partner has been unfaithful before, or has a history of secretive behaviour, it can be difficult to move on and get closure. Are you being naive? Matrimonial surveillance can be used to determine whether your partner really has changed their ways, or whether it’s time to move on.

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