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Most Absurd Excuses for Calling in Sick

It’s natural that employees get sick from time to time. An employee may take up to seven days paid sick leave before having to produce a doctor’s certificate.

Sick day rates have dropped significantly in the last few years. However, whether employees are more concerned about losing their jobs or the UK workforce is healthier than it was, the cost of sick days is still costing the UK economy up to £29 billion per year. In fact, UK workers take, on average, 4 times as many sick days per year than other workers around the world.

It is estimated that 1 in 8 sick days are not genuine and that up to 60% of employers don’t actually believe their employee’s excuses. Nevertheless, there are still many who will use any excuse to pull a ‘sickie’. Here are some of the most absurd excuses for calling in sick.

Workaholic do not call in sick, they take their work with them for all activities they do

Blame The Family

  • My grandmother poisoned me with ham.
  • My wife washed all of my underwear.
  • My dog is stressed because of a family reunion.

Bizarre Injuries And Illnesses

  • My doctor ordered me to go to the beach because I have a vitamin D deficiency.
  • I had a heart attack this morning but I feel much better now.
  • I donated too much blood.
  • I poked myself in the eye while brushing my hair and now I can’t see.
  • I swallowed too much mouthwash.

Most Absurd Excuses

  • I’ve been up all night because a body was found behind my house.
  • My psychic told me to stay at home.
  • My dog ate all of my shoes.
  • During the night, somebody put superglue around all of my doors and windows.

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