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Social Media Investigations

Insight featured in an article by Oscar Quine in the independent last week, when he hired us to dig up as much information as we could from his social media profiles in light of the Paris Brown story in the news lately.

17 year old Paris Brown was forced to step-down as Britain’s first youth crime commissioner after her social media history came back to haunt her, with offensive tweets branding homosexuals as ‘fags’, immigrants as ‘illegals’ and posting about craving ‘hash brownies’.

But in this day and age most teenagers and even adults are completely open about their lives online, sharing everything from nights out to opinions and personal information on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. In most cases we don’t realise the ratifications this can have and the impact it could have on our futures, with thousands of potential employers turning to social media to find out more about a potential employee before hiring them.

Oscar hired the services of our private investigator Tony Smith with years of experience in the industry, and with the briefest of checks Tony managed to find:

  • Which universities Oscar has stuided at
  • The countries he had lived in
  • The languages he spoke
  • Information about a charity event he participated in
  • Details of his family including their ages, addresses, occupations, how much their houses are worth and even businesses dealing his dad had over a decade ago

Oscar was worried of the image he might be portraying for himself for anybody who was looking him up online, which hundreds of pictures on Facebook. of booze, fags, mild nudity, kissing girls (“without them fully enjoying it”), a handful from a Thai strip club, some at a Moulin Rouge birthday party with a girl’s suspenders between his teeth. He also admits to being in a car driven by someone who is drunk on Twitter and shared a picture of a spliff in Amsterdam.

To read more on Oscar’s story and our involvement you can read Oscar’s press release here or Oscar’s article on The Independent.

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