Beware of Rogue Private Investigators

We at Insight Investigations have been alerted to a number of rogue private investigator companies and we have mentioned this in the past. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has published its contact with the Chair of Committee to provide in-depth information on rogue traders within the Investigative industry.

Whilst tabloid headlines in recent years have basically used the term ‘Private Investigator’ as a catch-all description for seemingly anyone who obtains information or behaves in an illegal manner  the effort and investigation that led to the SOCA report shows they had targeted some legitimate Private Investigators with very good reason.

The correspondence consists of a letter about the background of the 2008 SOCA Report on private investigations, including letters on what actions they had to take to combat threats in the industry, as well as details on individuals who have military or law enforcement experience.

We are well aware that there are corrupt individuals within this Industry and, as SOCA says, the lack of Regulation of it assists that to a great degree.  Regulation of Private Investigators is a ‘must’ but the prevarication of subsequent Governments is not getting this matter rectified.  The established Professional Associations do what they can but ejecting someone from an Association following a complaint or conviction for illegal practice is little more than sliding the bolt to the stable door when the horse is halfway down the street.

Further with the onset of the internet, it takes rouge private investigators, little time, to set up a fresh website, under a different trading name, and off they go again, with regulation of the industry, this would be somewhat harder to accomplish.

We at Insight feel that Legislation of Private Investigators should continue to be sought, not in the fragmented self seeking way it has been but in a joint and viable manner. Such legislation would enable the Associations to limit the amount of bad practice that currently occurs within the profession.

Rogue private investigators have accessed police files, partaken in illegal bugging activity and hacked into various government websites, that is a fact no matter how unsavoury it may be to the professionals in this profession.

SOCA published a marked version of the 2008 report in July 2012, but it is now fully available to the public on their website. The government Home Affairs office will be in further talks with SOCA to discover any further information on rogue private investigators.   In October this year SOCA is to be reformed and merged with the new National Crime Agency (NCA) let’s hope that such talks continue to the benefit of legitimate Investigators nationwide.

In the meantime the public can protect themselves by using Investigative Agencies that have, amongst other things,  physical addresses, landline telephone numbers, trading history and who are members of the established TRADE Associations, not simply those Associations that allude to Private Investigation or have nothing to do with Private Investigation and whom anyone can be a member of.

Insight Investigations stress the importance of abiding by the law. We understand that calling us is a very private matter and every client’s case is treated in the strictest of confidence. We will not partake in any illegal activity. Our professional code of conduct reassures that you can trust and rely upon us to do the job properly.

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