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You seek the reassurance of the truth and need to be in full possession of the facts in order to make an informed decision; this can apply equally to both professional and private lives, with simply the circumstances and outcomes being different.

The thought of observations may seem distasteful to some commercial enterprises and to some individuals, but it can often be the most appropriate course of action in sensitive situations. In order to verify information you need an independent and unbiased report, using a reliable and professional source. At Insight we can help, by carrying out professional observations and by providing you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up, if necessary and where possible, by video, photographic or audio evidence. We can also act on your behalf as professional witnesses to support you and your clients through the process of law.

There are several elements that need to be present for the successful completion of observation work. Most importantly, the use of experienced and trained professionals with the necessary skills to overcome the various problems that can arise during a observation operation.

We have at your disposal qualified personnel who have specialised and worked in the area of observation over many years. The majority of investigators have a Forces background, either Police or Military, and are specially selected for the type of training and experience that they would have received within those organisations. They also demonstrate the important qualities of intelligence, common sense, patience and curiosity; at all times operating with care within the confines of the law, with attention to detail and accuracy. Our worldwide network of international agents, with the appropriate specialist skills, ensure we can get to work on your problem without delay. Call now for understanding advice on your situation 0800 14 55 123

Building on the tried and tested methods acquired over many years of experience, Insight Investigations have invested in the latest technological advances in the field. We have available the most up to date digital video and photographic equipment, including long range lenses and cameras which are able to operate in low light. We also have at our disposal specialist observation vehicles, for use when the nature of an enquiry demands such sophistication. Together with the appropriate use of GPS tracking devices.

Situations and circumstances can vary and, by implication, so does the type of observation required. The following are some examples of the work undertaken:-

Observation Investigation Services

  • Static Observations
  • Foot Observations
  • Photographic and Video Observations
  • Mobile Observations
  • Undercover Observations for Internal….
  • Theft, Pilfering and Fraud
  • Patent and Copyright infringement
  • Counter Industrial Espionage
  • Employee vetting
  • Conflict of Interest
  • GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracing

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