Corporate and Commercial Investigations

Insight private investigators are able to employ their considerable talents and expertise to undertake a wide variety of corporate investigations in the fields of due diligence, employee theft, employee absenteeism and misconduct and competitor profiling.

If you are a manager of a company who needs to spend a large proportion of your time desk bound or on the road, we can ensure that your management, team leaders and employees are able to meet all of the requirements of due diligence; you can therefore be confident that when you pitch for contracts you can deliver every time on timescales and budgets.

We will ensure that all of your employees are reading from the same professional script, meeting targets and performing to the best of their abilities; therefore no-one can jeopardise your ability to meet targets of budget and time deadlines.

Our private investigators can also use competitor profiling to enable you to keep an eagle eye on industrial competitors, protect vital and sensitive operational information, prevent industrial espionage and utilise countersurveillance techniques to stay one step ahead of unscrupulous competitors who are only too keen to try to counterfeit your unique products and services.

Corporate investigations also cover employee theft, absenteeism and misconduct, so you can be sure to gain reliable information on culprits, resolve disputes amongst staff and also crucially, defend valued employees who may be the victims of false accusations.

We will make sure that you separate the wheat from the chaff and only employ trustworthy and hardworking employees who enjoy a relationship of mutual respect with management.