Corporate Investigations Explained

The common misconception about private investigators is that they are hard-faced characters who only investigate adulterous individuals.  In actual fact, private detectives have a very diverse and demanding job.  A major aspect of a private detective’s job is corporate investigations.  Corporate investigations are designed to safeguard businesses against damaging or fraudulent activities from internal or external sources.

Internal Corporate Investigations

Businesses can often become concerned that a member, or members, or staff are committing theft from the company. Private investigators can help examine, and find a conclusion to, these issues.  They will be able to investigate the history of any employees causing concern, including if they have a criminal record, or any credit problems they may have had.  They will also be adept at using the Internet to discover information about people.  Private detectives may even go undercover within the company to try to catch the perpetrator of any crimes.

External Corporate Investigations

When you’re conducting business with external individuals, you’ll want to make sure that these people are honest and trustworthy.  If you become suspicious of any external business associates, Private investigations can look into their actions.  They will spend their time making calls, conducting observation and interviewing people.  If a business is suspicious of an associate’s actions, then the investigator may have to film or photograph them.  These can then be used in evidence against the person.  A good private investigator can help you discover if it is possible to have a productive business relationship with certain individuals.