Corporate Investigations – Why You Should Bring in a Fresh Pair of Eyes

There are two main reasons why asking a specialist detective agency to handle corporate investigations is a good idea. Firstly, a trained specialist is always more effective than an amateur, no matter how intelligent and well-meaning they may be. As in other fields, there is no substitute for experience and our people have plenty of that. They are also fully trained, so you can be sure that anyone working on your case will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

They’ll know the rules, laws, and regulations that must be followed in a specific case and be sure to abide by them (not doing so could create difficulties for your company further down the line, especially in now that the era of the no-win, no-fee lawsuit has arrived in the UK), and they’ll have the skills to adapt to changing circumstances if things take an unexpected turn, as they occasionally do.

The second reason to hire a professional detective agency is impartiality. Bringing in an unbiased outside organization means that your company can’t be accused of starting a witch-hunt or persecuting a particular employee for the wrong reasons. You may have strong suspicions about an employee but if you fire them on the basis of a suspicion or a rumour they may claim unfair dismissal.

We’re impartial gatherers of evidence one way or another. Our corporate investigations are performed with the ultimate goal of keeping your company safe from harm, fraud, or theft and the results will provide you with the legal backing you need to act within the letter of the law if that’s what needs to be done.