Corporate Investigations

Any successful business will be counting on the competence and reliability of its employees. Ideally, each functioning member will maintain a certain degree of vigilance when it comes to ethical financial conduct, as any prolonged abuse of the company in questions finances will ultimately come to affect everybody who works as a part of its payroll system. If left unaddressed, even the smallest of these abuses can quickly escalate to a point where they severely damage a company’s internal economy, and in some cases lead to the irreparable damage of their public image, which is never good.

So it seems that it is the responsibility of every employee, top to bottom, to train a keen eye in the direction of any fraudulent activity, and to follow up on any cash flow discrepancies in a discrete and calmly manner. For most this would prove a somewhat difficult task as a lack of experience in the handling of these matters can often lead to misdirected accusations, which can cause almost as many problems as the unethical conduct can have done so in the first place.

If this is the case, you may need the assistance of a professional team of specialist corporate investigators. Fortunately, at Insight we offer this exact service and more. Each case is handled by a team of professional investigators who are trained thoroughly to discern the true culprit from the many potentials that can exist, given the nature of the working environment.

We handle each case discretely, searching high and low throughout the company in order to spot the tell signs that corporate fraud has indeed been taking place, and then they will trace those prints back to the true culprit, not once risking anything on quick assumptions. If you’ve caught on to some problematic financial reports, or just have your suspicions, don’t attempt to tackle it on your own at the risk of elevating the disturbance, call us free on 0800 14 55 123 and get the help you need to get your company back on the right track.