Protecting Your Company

It is often the case that many employees abuse their responsibilities in the workplace; not only is this damaging to the company but it is a breach of respect and their position.

However, if you find an employee is abusing your services or position it is important you are sure of the facts before you take further action, as if you act quickly on misguided information or misunderstandings this can ultimately land your company in trouble and not the employee. The last thing a company needs to face is a law suit due to unfair dismissal or bullying in the work place.

Nevertheless, obtaining all the information to prove your client is abusing your company may not be easy, so it pays to hire the services of a corporate investigations agency that can provide you with the evidence you require.

One way to catch an employee in the act is observation, and a CCTV operating system may be ideal for your company. However, as you may not wish for your employees to be aware that they are being monitored, our corporate investigations agency can provide you with innovative installation systems which can be customised to your tastes.

Once we have viewed the footage we then provide your company with a detailed report, and if an employee is found to be dishonest we can help with the process of a criminal conviction as one of our corporate investigators can appear as a professional witness on your company’s behalf.