Cutting-Edge Spy Technology with Insight Investigations

For many of us, our knowledge of private investigations and detective agencies comes from films, books and TV shows. Most of the time, our ideas resemble decade-old characters such as Raymond Chandlers or Phillip Marlowes, walking drizzly along neon-lit streets, with nothing but a notepad for help. However, modern private investigations are very different, and one area in which this is most striking is technology.

While many may be familiar with the idea of bugging, i.e. placing observation devices in offices or homes to record vital information, they may believe it is an outdated method. Insight Investigations hire, and sell, a range of electronic observation devices for private investigations, ranging from tie-pin cameras, digital video, sophisticated listening devices and GPS tracker systems, all of which are utilized by professionals with excellent training and absolute discretion.

However, it may be that you believe yourself to be the subject of observation, which can be an unnerving, even frightening experience. If this is the case, we can provide debugging equipment, which can be used for both private and corporate situations. This may seem extreme to some people, but these things do happen, and if private investigations are needed, you will want to feel safe, secure and confident with your chosen agency.

Whatever your situation, Insight Investigations will have experience of something similar. However, this does not mean that we will be complacent in our approach; we are proud of our professional, highly-qualified private investigations team, who will treat your situation as a unique case, and handle it with the utmost discretion.