Divorce Rates Increase at Christmas

divorce rates

Although Christmas is generally associated with fun, laughter and giving, the harsh reality of the festive season presents itself after the new year in the form of divorces and many matrimonial or relationship problems.

Office parties, work days/nights out and arguments due to spending increased times with spouses are all some of the top contributors to this shocking scenario that often ends up with one or both partners filing for a divorce. Last year InsideDivorce.com surveyed over 100 UK based solicitors and law firms and 2,000 people either married, divorced or separated to find out what effect the Christmas period had on relationships from a personal and business enquiry point of view.

Almost 1 in 5 surveyed reported that their relationship was on uneven ground for lots of reasons. Insight have first hand experience in the number of matrimonial investigation enquiries we receive in the build up, during and after the Christmas holiday season. We have over 30 years experience in dealing discreetly with sensitive relationship related operations and can assure 100% confidentiality.

Unfaithful partner related investigations are certainly one of the most popular enquiries at this time of year with partners often suspicious of office romances, Insight’s advice would be that if you are suspicious for any reason it is better to find out the truth before making any accusations one way or the other, it could be that any suspicions you have are completely unfounded; this however cannot be proven without the correct observation and reporting.

If you have any matrimonial or relationship problems and just need to uncover the truth please do not hesitate to contact one of our operatives today. Please visit our matrimonial and relationship investigations page https://www.investigate.uk/matrimonial-relationship-investigations for more information on our services.