Corporate Private Investigations

Running a successful business can be incredibly difficult, especially in the current economic climate. In order for a company or business to remain healthy and competitive, company owners and directors must be able to focus the majority of their attention on core business interests i.e. running operations, winning customers, and increasing profits.

Unfortunately, many businesses managers are frequently distracted from their most pressing work by having to deal with potentially disruptive problems such as employee misconduct or corporate theft. These unanticipated problems can lead to many hours of lost work time as in-house investigations attempt to sort them out within the company’s’ established regulatory framework.

In recent years, more and more companies have been hiring the services of private investigators to deal directly with their unforeseen problems. Here at Insight Investigations, we have over 25 years experience of conducting private investigations within corporate organisations. In that time, we have helped companies deal with all manner of disruptive workplace problems, from persistent employee absenteeism to corporate theft.

Additionally, we have also provided more pro-active services such as competitor profiling and staff background checks. Our experience has provided us with impressive specialist knowledge and diverse skills, allowing us to assign cases to our private investigators based on their specific expertise in a particular area.

Our private investigations are guaranteed to handle any workplace issues quickly and professionally, thereby alleviating the pressures of potentially lengthy and complicated internal investigations. Ultimately, this allows company owners and directors to concentrate on their core business interests.