Romance is still alive

Another success here at Insight.

Not being an actual working investigator, you get to see all manner of cases, and the one highlighted to me yesterday was a good one. My colleague is not a “blogger”, so I will relay this for her.

Several months ago a middle aged client called us, wishing to trace his girlfriend from over 30 years ago.

The story goes…

They were young, inexperienced, and parents intervened, as they do.

Many years down the line, after a marriage and several relationships later, the client knew why things with others would just not work. He was still in love with his childhood sweetheart.

So, the client contacted Insight and employed us to trace the lady, with just a maiden name and a 30yr old address !!

Tall order – yes – result – traced !!

The news we had this week, was that the client had now made a visit overseas to see the lady, and surprisingly enough her life story so far, read very similar to the client’s !!

We wish them every luck and future happiness. Good job done.