Valentines Day Investigations

February has begun, today signifies the start of the shortest month in the calender and also some major events and traditions. 2012 is a leap year which means that it is traditionally a time when females can propose to their partners on the extra 29th day of the month in the British Isles.

Obviously this tradition is not a law and women can propose to men anytime they like, however it adds to the romance of this special month which is also host to Saint Valentines Day on the 14th February. As everybody knows, Valentines Day is a special day for Christians where people choose to give their loved ones or people they desire to be their partners cards, gifts and other presents to make them feel special.

People book romantic meals for their partners or indeed stay in to cook them a special meal to show their affection, however there is a side to Valentines Day that can only be deemed as negative. People with partners will obviously only expect to get a welcome present off them, however this is not always the case. Many work colleagues have used the day to try and turn someones eyes to them which can cause major trouble in a relationship if the other partner finds out.

For this reason many people can start to become suspicious if their partner brings home multiple Valentines Cards, or gifts such as flowers from others than themselves arrive at their door with mysterious notes of affection. Of course the person sending gifts or cards to your partner may just be doing it to cheer them up or with no serious romantic attraction.

Insight would hope this is the case, however as we know only too well office romances, affairs and relationship problems can start from such small gestures. If you have been affected by a Valentines Day gift in the past or card to your partner from somebody else and have suspicions of infidelity, instructing a private investigator can help to find out the truth if indeed there is a romance on the cards that shouldn’t be or if there is no truth in your fears.

Contact Insight today if you have any worries, our trained and experienced private investigators are more than happy to offer you a consultation to discuss your problems.

Insight would like to wish everyone a happy February with a lovely, romantic Valentines Day that goes off without any problems!