Female Private Investigators

Typically when you hear Private Investigator you think of the classic Magnum PI or Sherlock Holmes. This field of work has always been seen as a male-dominated and because of this, often people have been put off contacting agencies. However, new statistics have shown that the number of female private eyes has risen by 26 percent in the last year alone.

Regardless of sex, confiding in someone of the same sex can often provide clients with a sense of trust and security and therefore the demand for more women in the profession has increased in recent years. In Matrimonial investigations particularly women clients often believe that hiring a female female private investigator with cameraprivate detective can be more comforting where compassion and sympathy is required to help them through what is undoubtedly a traumatic and distressing time.

Knowing that they can choose to work with a female Private eye has been shown to increase inquiries to private investigator firms.

With research showing that women aged between 25 and 34 now form the largest group of female investigators the industry is growing rapidly with the success rate also increasing. Male detectives tend to be over the age of 45 and therefore in some cases can make the subject more suspicious.

It has been reported that subjects can relax more in the presence of a female, parting with information more willingly and in observation situations are far less aware of her presence.

But it is not only matrimonial investigations that female detectives can specialise in. Whether it be research, interviews or observation female detectives are highly skilled in all fields. And whilst sex is not a factor in the success of each case, it does put people at ease knowing they have the choice in who they can work with.