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Stalking is defined as ‘unwanted or obsessive attention towards a person or a group’ and it can be enormously distressing for a person who believes they are being stalked. Fortunately there is much better awareness of this these days and there are recognised agencies that can help. Stalking is a specific offence in the UK from 25th November 2012 and as such the police can prosecute stalkers.

In more extreme circumstances it falls to the person being stalked to do something about this themselves and at Insight we have first hand experience of helping victims of stalking.

One of our undercover team was responsible for tracking down the stalker of Dr Alison Hewitt in 2010, and helped local police apprehend the stalker before he could commit the crime. Without our intervention the story might have had a very different outcome.

This case was featured in Dispatches on Channel 4 on 22nd November 2012 and our Private Investigator”>Private Investigator, shown in the programme as Elliott Jackson, was instrumental in helping apprehend the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

The programme synopsis is as follows:
When busy trainee doctor Alison Hewitt joined a dating agency in 2010, she
had no idea that her actions would set in motion a terrifying chain of
events that would threaten the lives of her and her family.
She thought the man she was meeting was a respectable Canadian businessman
living in London called Al Amin Dhalla. At first their relationship
blossomed, but soon Alison’s mother Pam grew suspicious of the man who
seemed to harbour many dark secrets.
Pam turned Miss Marple, hired a private investigator to find out more and
soon realised that Dhalla’s entire life story was based on lies. It was only
when Alison finished the relationship however that the real Dhalla emerged.
The family soon found out that Dhalla – classed as a narcissistic psychopath
– would stop at nothing to win Alison back.
Starting with poison pen letters, his campaign of terror soon escalated to
arson, building a mobile torture chamber in his van, and eventually hiring a
hit man – all while tracking Alison and her family’s every move.
Five different police forces became engaged in a cat and mouse chase that
saw them constantly one step behind Dhalla as he sought revenge for what he
saw as the ultimate betrayal.
This is a true life crime committed in middle England, but with the plot of
a Hollywood thriller.
Through exclusive access to Alison, her family and the officers involved –
who say they narrowly prevented a triple murder – plus police observation
and CCTV footage, this nail-biting film tells the frightening story of what
could happen if there’s a stalker at the heart of your family.

This case was also reported on in the Crime & Investigation Chanel on Sky, with our Director Tony Smith receiving praise for his work on the case.

What to do
If you believe you are being stalked then your first port of call must be to inform the local police however if the problem persists, or you cannot establish who is stalking you as is often the case with cyberstalking, then you should call us. We are available on freecall from mobile and landline 0800 14 55 123 and provide a 24 hr service for our clients.


Please note: Insight Investigations are a private detective agency and are NOT a helpline or charity. We will always do our best to help every caller.