Investigate ArrowCo-Habitation Evidence

When you separate or divorce from your partner and you have young children, either party has a responsibility to help with financial maintenance for the main carer and who has custody of the children. However, if your ex wife/husband meets a new spouse and they decide to live together, maintenance payments are affected and decreased due to increased financial circumstances that occur when you meet a new partner bringing more money into the household.


Many, in such circumstances, instruct private detectives to prove if their ex partner is co-habiting with a new spouse to ensure that they are not paying more money than they are legally required to do so. Insight can carry out co-habitation investigations to provide you with firm evidence if your ex partner is co-habiting or not, so that your mind is at rest over financial matters. Such reports will be presented in accepted formats for all Courts and the Child Support Agency, or its successors.

Co-Habitation investigations can also assist with sensitive custody matters so please explain your circumstances fully to us.