The Role of a Private Detective Offers Many Challenges

Everybody has seen the films and television dramas that imply that the role of a private detective offers many challenges, these even increase and showcase the glamorous role of a private detective.

Having big budgets and viewers interest in mind, unfortunately gives an artistic licence for these types of productions which exaggerate the role of a private detective and the detective industry.

is all about jetting from country to country and attending posh bars or restaurants to monitor and keep tabs on a subject of an investigation.

As a regular occurrence, the role of a private detective appears to be all about jetting from place to place,  attending exclusive bars or restaurants to monitor and keep tabs on a subject of an investigation, whilst no real thought is given to the unrealistic measures they take to achieve results, let alone what such an investigations would cost.

Not all detective film and television dramas portray a glamorous side, there are the few that hang onto the old image of a small office, with a lone detective accompanied by an overzealous assistant, blundering their way through lucky breaks, or using highly illegal methods.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There may be times when a private detective is required to travel overseas on occasion for investigations such as surveillance, tracing missing persons or asset tracking.

There is also a flip side to the role where private detectives may need to carry out rural static surveillance, which can be no fun in the winter, or competitor profiling investigations which are a million miles away from the image being painted in big budget productions.

The role of a private detective, however, does offer anybody looking for a varied day to day career the opportunity of ever changing requirements, where you need to not only have a knowledge of the law but also be quick thinking to overcome a situation that presents itself to save compromise of an investigation.

As mentioned, it might be that one day the investigator is compiling reports for a matrimonial surveillance, whilst the next could present an opportunity to advise on corporate security or carry out a covert surveillance operation in a difficult rural setting to catch the culprits or an internal theft operation.

Many private detectives yearn for the challenges of an surveillance investigation to put their skills to the test, carrying out duties such as photographic surveillance, employee absenteeism surveillance, all of which present different challenges within one aspect of the investigation industry.

It is not to say that all private detectives can carry out, or even have the required skill set and experience for all types of investigation services.

In many cases, a private investigator may specialise in certain aspects of the role of a private detective and be employed by a detective agency when particular enquiries and jobs are undertaken to put their particular skill set to use to ensure a successful investigation. Counter surveillance investigations, where an electronics sweep may be required, known as TSCM, needs to be carried out not only by an expert that may be required to present any evidence in court, but also one that has the very latest equipment able to detect devices.

There are dangers involved in most investigations, usually not being caught is high on the agenda, so as not to expose your client.

In some of the more sensitive and complex investigations, it is essential for a private detective to understand their surroundings and make sure the situation being presented before them is one that they can undertake and not accept an investigation just because they fancy the challenge.

Being alone for long periods on surveillance investigations is one particular aspect of the role that could potentially see an investigator faced with their cover being blown and the risk of danger.

One thing is for certain, there are many private detectives both in the UK and globally who every day undertake new challenges. It is not a role that suits everybody and is one that will require thought and also certain experience to undertake this type of employment, be it as an individual or as part of a detective agency.

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