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How to Find a Missing Person

The challenging task of how to find a missing person is one that faces many private investigators on a regular basis, especially at family and friend focused times of the year such as Christmas.  It is hardly surprising that December is a time of increased activity for this type of private investigation when you consider that the majority of people do not want to be alone or distant at this time of year.

Actually tracing and finding a missing person can be an extremely varied task from one operation to the next depending on the circumstances, after all if somebody does not want to be found it can make it a more difficult process. There are some steps that can be taken in all cases that will either help or rule out certain tracing methods such as:

Calling any numbers you may have had for a person, visiting known relatives, friends and any linked addresses, these three steps may seem obvious however they are necessary to either progress the investigation or rule out certain enquiry channels. Keeping a record is a vital component in tracing investigations to ensure dead enquiry lines are not re-visited or explored, ultimately wasting valuable time.

Once simple methods have been exhausted, a private investigator will use many other methods to locate and make contact with the person in question, checking Public records, Business records such as Director searches and Voter Registration are all obvious methods that can be explored to swiftly and successfully trace a missing person.  If these avenues do not give an investigator any information it is worth noting that the process may take a little while longer. It is vital that any information you do have on a person is given to the investigator no matter how small as it will all assist in helping  investigation process and may lead to a swift trace.

There are many other ways in which a good investigator will look to find a missing person or trace somebody.  Often these methods require the utmost discretion and may be out of reach to the general public due to being sensitive data.  If you are struggling to find a person, speaking with a private investigator will help you to make your mind up on whether or not you do indeed need outside help.

If you have any missing friend or relative or have just lost touch with somebody and would like to get back in touch please do not hesitate to speak with one of our missing person investigators today to find out how Insight can help.