Female Investigators – An Alternative Solution

Many people in all walks of life have had the need to contact a private investigator or private detective to assist in solving a problem, be it private, corporate or commercial. Sometimes speaking with a private investigator of the same sex can help with trust, rapport and also the requirements of a particular investigation service. Not all clients have a need for this, but Insight offer clients the alternative.

Imagine a scenario that occurs in everyday life such as a wife suspecting her husband of being unfaithful, dealing with or having suspicions of an infidelity takes massive emotional strain and actually making the decision to contact a private investigator is often a last desperate resort to find out the truth. In this situation 70% of the time a female being able to consult and liaise with a female private investigator will help as they may have been through similar situations and if they are experienced will almost certainly be able to offer reassuring advice and a solution.

A women may not feel comfortable talking to a male investigator about another male’s possible infidelity and it’s circumstances and for this reason alone contacting an investigation agency with female operatives will increase your confidence that you are dealing with a company that better fits your requirements.

As an experienced private detective agency with over 30 years experience, Insight offer female private investigators throughout the UK in all our regional locations as we know it is paramount to ensure that our clients can speak with somebody they can relate to, build up rapport and have confidence in what they are being told will indeed deliver evidence to prove any fears one way or the other.

Of course it is not just matrimonial or relationship problems that may require a female private detective.  Sensitive commercial matters such as employee theft, misconduct, due diligence and such business matters may be best handled by a female private investigator depending on the nature of the enquiry.

In the business place female private investigators have been successfully deployed to investigate cases of sexual harassment, bullying and other extremely sensitive matters that for whatever reason can be proven or investigated with more success by a female investigator than their male counterparts. When it comes to investigations we know that it is not just a case of providing either a male or female operative, cases are more detailed than that and for this reason we offer both alternatives as required.

A great example of how a female private investigator could be very useful in a harassment case against a male employee is that the accused may only conduct themselves in such a manner when in the presence of a female, in the company of a male the misconduct may never come to light or be proved.

Of course there are cases where male private investigators will be required, and indeed some females find it just as easy to talk through their problem with a male, however offering female investigation services has been a breath of fresh air for many female clients and prospective clients alike who feel that being able to have a sensitive, discreet and reassuring conversation with a member of the same sex can help generate excellent results for their problems.

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