The Impact of Modern Technology

Technology it seems has taken over every aspect of modern day life, people can carry out almost every task imaginable from the ease of their mobile phone or tablet computer. The latest iPhone, iPad and other sought after technology seems to have no bounds as they evolve from one version to the next.

There is however a negative side to this era of technological domination, it can raise huge suspicions with partners, employers and friends. Think about it, there are so many applications that request to notify people of your current location and also software built into phones to locate it should it be lost from another computer or iPad linked to an iPhone that any false location reported could get you into trouble.

Insight have had a huge increase in smart phone related enquiries with people’s partners, employers and friends keen to investigate if location notifications are indeed true and to find out if the person in question is indeed acting in a suspicious way.

Scenarios typically include employees who say they are in one place but their Facebook location status or shared iPhone application says something else completely. Another regular enquiry is from partners who have seen similar notifications of their partner’s location but been told they were somewhere else at that time.

As some of these applications are built in options not everybody is aware that they are switched on, location settings can be found in a smart phone’s settings and turned of with the push of a button on touch screen option. Insight are not condoning the actions of people who are in the wrong and looking to hide their location however as we know technology does have its problems and can report false data.

If you do have any suspicions at all of an employee or your partner lying about their location at certain times, Insight can carry out surveillance investigations discreetly to ascertain the truth one way or the other. It can be invaluable to know that your partner or employer is telling the truth or indeed lying. For more information please visit our surveillance section of the website.

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