How do you know when you’re being stalked?

There are many shocking statistics around the area of being stalked, with research by scientists now stating that one in five women and one in ten men aged between 16 and 30 in the UK fall victim o stalking. But so many are convinced that they know their stalker personally, or the signals are so minor, that they feel there is no threat. Being more away of these signals is essential to prevent danger, and knowing when you’re being stalked and what to do about it can help. Scientists have now split stalkers into five distinct groups: the rejected stalker, the incompetent stalker, the intimacy stalker, the resentful stalker and the predatory stalker. Although some stalkers may be considered more dangerous than others, there are signs to be aware of that could save you from falling victim to these stalkers.

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Sometimes it’s safer to assume that it isn’t a ‘coincidence’ that you keep bumping into the same person when you’re out the house, at the shops or near your workplace. Sure, bumping into the same person weekly in the gym, or at the shops if you do your shopping at roughly the same time, but if you notice the meetings becoming more frequent or the situations becoming a bit more peculiar, this could be a cause for concern.


Although it may be harder to spot than somebody who you are frequently bumping into, a less obvious stalker may simply watch you from a distance. While a minor obsession with you may not be anything to worry about, in many instances they could be trying to gather information about you, such as your general timetable and daily routine. It may be hard to spot but if you persistently notice the same person in a crowd watching you, this may be another sign of stalking.

Saving the Day

Of course it all seems a bit to dramatic, creating an entirely fictional situation in which the stalker can play the part of your hero when you are in distress, but anybody can find themselves at a downfall with a broken down car or flat tyre. And if you find yourself in this situation and along comes the person you keep bumping in to in Asda, chances are it wasn’t just a stroke of bad luck.

Daily Phone Calls

If you are seeing somebody regularly (to your own consent) than you may expect daily phone calls, however if you receive daily calls from somebody you barely know or wouldn’t consider a particularly close friend, this could also be another sign of stalking.


Although it may be flattering to receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates at work, affections may turn bitter when left unacknowledged, and this can lead to more inappropriate gifts. If this is the case, the person may be stalking you.


Manipulation is a common ploy for interaction on behalf of a stalker, by creating a fictional and often ridiculous or even threatening situation they may force you into interacting with them, even if it is merely defending yourself. Emotional manipulation is also common, with stalkers threatening self-harm or even suicide if you do not respond to their affections.

Internet Stalking

With the advances in technology many stalkers don’t even need to leave their homes to find out information about you, and this can be much harder to find out. The worrying thing is this can then be used as an extension to physical stalking, with so many people accepting friend requests on Facebook without thinking or posting personal details on Twitter, the stalker can easily arrange a ‘chance’ meeting.

Of course with all of these signs that somebody may be stalking you, there is a big difference between an admirer and a stalker, and it’s important to know the difference.

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