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Why the UK Private Investigation Industry Needs a Regulatory Body

As it stands in the UK, anybody can become a Private Investigator as the industry is completely unregulated. While at Insight we always operate entirely within the law, it is widely accepted than many others in the private investigation industry do not. There are numerous voluntary bodies, but the same problem stands as anybody can start one of these.

In such a private and mysterious industry, it is worrying to think that anybody can trade as a private investigator without a license, training, qualifications or even any experience. Despite the Levison Report there is still no recommendation on the table to put in place a UK regulatory body with powers, and therefore the industry is still open to abuse. There is nothing to stop a private investigator today finding out details of phone calls, medical records or other personal details through illegal sources. Although this is not something we have or would ever do, it does go and it needs to stop, and a regulatory body is paramount to preventing these unprofessional and illegal firms from trading as private investigators.

Until a regulatory board is in place, it is important you know what to look for when choosing a private investigation firm. The first and most important things are:

  • A physical address you can visit, NOT A PO BOX
  • Trade Association Memberships
  • Landline Telephone Number, NOT A MOBILE NUMBER
  • Registered Company Details
  • Range of Payment Methods Accepted, NOT CASH ONLY. Professional companies will accept card payments and other payment methods, they will not solely accept cash in person

In the modern private investigation industry there is no substitute for experience, and combined with the latest technology, an understanding of human nature and an understanding of current laws, Insight are able to provide one of the UK’s leading services in the private investigation industry. To find out more about why you should choose us when looking for a private investigator, read our Why Us page.

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