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Tell-tale signs of internet dating fraud

Dating apps and websites have made finding a new partner as easy as swiping right or left on our phones, but how do we really know who we’re dating digitally? Here are some of the tell-tale signs of internet dating fraud.

There are many different definitions of internet dating fraud but the simplest explanation is a specific type of fraud in which people believe that they have found the ideal partner over apps, websites or social media platforms but it turns out that their potential partner is actually not the person they claim to be.

TV and glossy magazine adverts can give the impression and sometime false representation that meeting someone new, after a divorce or recently losing a partner that new found companionship is just around the corner. Don’t jump in unless you are sure or feel that things are not progressing in what would be a normal manner.

Internet dating fraud is scary as you don't always know who you are talking to

The anonymity of dating apps and on-line communications via email, means it’s easier than ever to fall for someone with no proof of who they truly are. This can range from serious financial romance scams where victims are conned out of thousands of pounds or simply being lied to about marital status, age, job, financial stability or background, that if you knew the truth you would stay well away from.

Before the world of dating apps and websites couples often met at work or through social activities and family and friends, this of course meant there was very few places to hide, as somebody always knew some background. Digital dating profiles now allow people to create an ideal image of themselves with limited ways of checking what’s fact and what’s fiction.

If the person you’re speaking with is asking for intimate details and not giving much information about themselves, or asking for money then read our guide on how to spot digital romance scams.

However, if something just feels a little ‘off’ then it could be that the person you’re talking to wants to protect themselves from previous bad experiences, or do they actually have something to hide, whether that be another life or a background or even financial debt they don’t want you to know about.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your digital date is not being completely truthful:

  • They message you at the same time every day, often in the middle of the day from work. If they rarely read or reply to messages in the evening it could mean they have a partner at home
  • They want to meet up in remote pubs or restaurants often far away from where they live in order to avoid being caught by anyone they know
  • Parking their vehicle far away from your meeting place, or never wanting to offer you a lift, for fear of somebody else knowing you have been in the vehicle.
  • Not wanting you to visit their home, giving reasons that appear quite plausible.
  • Always keeping their phone on silent when you meet.
  • People who already have a partner or a background they want to keep secret will make excuses about why you can’t meet any of their friends or family. If after a while you still haven’t met anyone in their life this should be a red flag and time to do some more digging
  • Often, they will claim not to have any social media pages which is extremely unusual for someone in this day and age, if you can’t find anything about them online or they won’t accept your follow or friend request then they may be hiding their real identity

If you suspect there’s more to the story, there often is.

Working with a private investigator to conduct legal, ethical and discreet identity and background checks can be an effective way to put your mind at ease before going head on into a new relationship or advancing a new relationship if you suspect things are not right.

Always ask sufficient questions and check whatever information you have been given until you are satisfied it is true and correct

If you are unsure about somebody you meet on line, contacting Insight for advice and support on the background of someone can put your mind at rest and help you move on with the relationship you are seeking.

It is surprisingly easy for someone to fool you, so get the facts before things become too serious, even the most reputable dating sites have their fake members.

You can call one of our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discuss your options and the best way to get to the truth of your new love interest.

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