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A Guide to Vehicle Tracking Services

Demand and interest in vehicle tracking services have grown dramatically in recent years. Costs have decreased and usage increased and it is no longer something that is used in exceptional circumstances. Many fleets are tracked with this and a growing number of private cars as well. But what does it involve, what situations could it be useful for, and would it be beneficial to you?

What Is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle Tracking – Using the latest in GSP and GSM technology, vehicle-tracking services provide you with the ability to know where your vehicle(s) is at all times. Once a tracker has been attached to your vehicle(s), you will know where it is and what it’s doing. By collecting information from the tracker, a vehicle-tracking service will be able to tell you which routes your vehicle has taken, what locations it has visited, and the time and date it was there. This information can even be shown on a digital map as a live report.

Vehicle tracking technology to track your vehicles

The Many Uses of Vehicle Tracking

When are you likely to need vehicle-tracking services? For private individuals, the service can be used to track high-value goods, such as a boat or a caravan, or to follow an unfaithful spouse, when the circumstances legally allow this.

For corporate clients, vehicle tracking technology has even more uses. Sadly, not all employees are trustworthy. Perhaps you suspect an employee of making fraudulent business expenses. Or using the company vehicle in their personal time. Or worse, theft or breach of contract. Employing a vehicle-tracking service can help you to gather vital proof.

Increasingly the technology is being used to protect strategic assets such as high-value plant and machinery. Thefts from construction sites have regrettably become commonplace but this technology can allow you to track the vehicle’s movements wherever it goes.

Other uses include checking that high-value cargo reaches its intended destination. You are even able to follow your items at each stage of their journey.

Real Benefits

Using a vehicle-tracking service can provide real benefits. You can gain peace of mind, whether over suspected infidelity, untrustworthy employee or high-value goods and, if you’re a business, it can also produce long-term cost savings, keeping your workforce on their toes and lessening the opportunities for costly thefts.

Vehicle tracking can be the critical difference in matrimonial cases

Matrimonial and relationship investigators are great tool for tracking vehicles. Being unfaithful is as old as the hills, and it hurts. If we suspect it, we want to find out where they’re going and who with.

So they’ve been acting suspiciously for a while, and there are strange numbers on their phone. You found out accidentally of course, but even so, it’s common to go into denial. This can be counterproductive, breeding mutual distrust and an ever-more difficult relationship.

Installing a vehicle tracker

A private investigator can help you to establish the facts before you broach your matrimonial situation with your spouse. After all, their activity may be perfectly innocent and your suspicions unfounded.

This is where vehicle tracking technology comes into its own. A vehicle tracker is a small, but highly effective piece of technology, which can be discreetly placed inside a vehicle.

GPS position is everything

An investigator armed with the relevant technology and know-how can monitor the vehicle’s movements in real time, picking up any signs of your partner’s extra-marital activities. It uses a global positioning system (GPS), similar to those found in most mobile phones. This can report the coordinates of the device with near pinpoint accuracy.

Vehicle tracking eliminates doubt

Investigating an extra-marital relationship can be tricky because the target’s already wary of who’s watching. They’re doing wrong after all, and they know it! They’re feeling guilty and suspicious.

The use of a tracking device means there’s no need for an investigator to follow them in person. A GPS-enabled tracking device will report the location of the vehicle accurately and allow the operator to measure the length of time that it’s at a given location.

If there are patterns to the movements and regular visits, more traditional surveillance methods can be used. You’ll have proof of wrongdoing, leaving you able to confront your matrimonial situation and do what’s best for your relationship.

Map with vans on it showing your vehicle tracking locations

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of GPS vehicle tracking.

Transport Business

Any business where vehicles are used for commercial use can benefit from GPS trackers. These include taxi companies, chauffeur services, courier services and other transport companies.

A stolen vehicle can seriously damage a business. A GPS tracker can instantly record where a vehicle is so that the police can be informed and the vehicle recovered as soon as possible.

However, fleet owners can also monitor the activities of their employees and accurately record routes taken and work hours claimed, while also being informed of any unauthorised use of the vehicle.

Equine and Farming Vehicles

Horseboxes and trailer thefts are a growing problem in the UK. Equine and farming vehicles tend to be more vulnerable as they are often parked in remote locations, as do plant machinery on construction sites.


GPS trackers can also be used to monitor the whereabouts and activities of a person if they are suspected in the case of matrimonial infidelity or illegal activity. A GPS is a discreet surveillance measure that avoids the possibility of detection while monitoring where someone is and for how long. Depending on the information gathered, a partner can then decide whether further investigative action is needed.

How Can GPS Tracking Help You?

GPS tracking is a discrete way of tracking the movements of a vehicle, person or object. You can easily keep an eye on someone or something’s exact location without hiring an actual person to follow them around, making it a cheaper and more efficient option. It’s also preferable in cases where following would be too obvious. It’s more accurate, and you know you won’t lose your target in busy traffic. As well as seeing the location, you can see the exact routes taken. Navigation via Smart phone.

Tracking People with GPS

If your employees are often required to drive as part of their job, using GPS tracking can make sure they stick to the agreed routes with no deviations. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, you may want to use GPS tracking to discover the places they visit and the amount of time they spend there.

The only thing GPS tracking can’t tell you is what they’re doing while they’re there – but knowing their location can help to confirm or shake your worst fears. Whatever the reason for wanting to know the whereabouts of a person, GPS vehicle tracking will do the job.

Asset Tracking

People and vehicles aren’t the only things you can track. Asset tracking allows you to track anything, including objects. If you suspect someone may be stealing from your business, or if you suspect an employee of using company property for their own purposes, you may want to track certain items.

Asset tracking can make sure things are delivered to the right location, or are kept where they are supposed to be. Adding a tracker to valuable items can help you to find them again in the case that they do get lost or stolen.

Whoever, or whatever, you need to track, Insight Investigations can assist you in finding the best possible solution to your problem, also see you guide to Private Investigator Costs to give you an idea in what to expect..

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