Ideal Qualities of a Private Investigator

The work of a private investigator can be varied, exciting and often fascinating. It can also involve long hours of research or observation with little reward.

If you’re interested in a career as a private detective, here are some of the ideal qualities and skills which are essential for you to succeed in the role.

  • Technical know-how: You will need expert skills in using computers, cameras, video cameras and various other gadgets in order to gather information and document facts.

  • Intelligence and logical thinking: You’ll need the ability to analyse facts and data, integrate many different threads into a plan or report, and be able to draw accurate conclusions.

  • Natural curiosity: You need a natural curiosity that will drive you on to hunt down all the facts, to determine when something doesn’t feel quite right, and to be fully aware of your surroundings so you can tell when something doesn’t fit.

  • Excellent actor: You must be an excellent actor as you will often find yourself in situations when role-playing is essential to a case. You also need to be capable of acting naturally in a variety of situations so as not to raise suspicions.

  • Observation and memory skills: You will need to have acute observation skills, excellent hearing and eyesight, and the ability to remember large quantities of information.

  • Quick reactions: You must have the ability to read a situation accurately, and to be able to react quickly to changes and circumstances.

  • Good communication skills: You need to be a confident speaker, able to think on your feet, a sympathetic listener and have excellent public relations skills.

  • Perseverance and objectivity: Long hours on observation may be boring, but you’ll need the ability to stay alert and focused on your subject. You also need to be able to see through your own prejudices and biases to view a situation objectively. You will also need the ability to distract from a situation, to view it objectively.

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