The Importance of Due Diligence

With the rise in demand for private investigation services, the ethical questions involved are becoming far more a talking point than they ever were. I’m not talking about the ethics involved in the practice itself, but more so the risks in providing this service to so many, of whom little is often know.

Recently there was an article in The Independent reporting an incident in which a private investigation firm had fanned the flames of marital discontent, providing information to an unstable man, who then used that information in order to justify murdering his wife.

This raises the question of due diligence. How do private investigation firms seek to ensure that their service won’t be abused by customers who have less than honest intentions at heart? The truth is that you can’t avoid the drama that unfolds quite naturally when an investigation into a marriage turns up bad results.

However, it is indeed the responsibility of the UK’s P.I. firms to ensure that their customers are stable and understand the nature of their situation. The employment of proper background checks is imperative, in order to determine the mental stability of the customers, as well as understanding their intentions from the outset.

It is a cause of great concern to Investigators how you uncover if potential clients have a criminal past and how this should be properly addressed to ensure that their intention isn’t to resort to crime upon the discovery of applicable information. Without legislation giving Investigators more rights, they have to depend on their wits, due-diligence and experience to establish who they are working for. Aside from this, the investigators themselves should remain constantly vigilant of which way their customers are taking the news, and carefully noting how they react in order to determine whether or not they pose a threat to themselves or others.

Remember though that these incidents are actually quite rare, as firms such as Insight follow strict self-regulatory guidelines in order to maintain a strong ethical practice. especially in circumstances such as these. Hopefully with the introduction of proper national regulation, which Insight wholeheartedly supports, we can work together in order to provide a safer practice in the investigation service.