The tell-tale signs of internet dating fraud

There are many different definitions of internet dating fraud but the simplest and most precise definition is that an internet dating fraud is a specific type of fraud in which people believe that they have found the ideal partner over the Internet, but it turns out that their partner is actually not the person they claim they are. Their main goal is to build trust and, after that, they will start looking for ways to get money from you by preying on your emotional weaknesses.

Internet dating sites

It all starts when you become a member of an online dating agency or some chat room on the Internet dedicated to online dating. After a short period of time, some unknown person will contact you and tell you that they are from another country or even from the same country but a different geographical location. Since these people have developed their game plan and probably used it several times before, it is not difficult for them to start earning your trust and encourage developing a more intimate relationship with you.

Many of them will use fake photos and they’ll send you a fake photo of themselves, start giving you cute nicknames and, in some cases when they are very bold, they will even ask for nude photos from you. In any case, you should be alert to the fact that this person that you believe is fun, interesting and possible partner material may not be who they really say they are. In some cases, they are lone fraudsters while in others, they are part of very organised online gangs.

Tell tale signs of internet dating fraud

Here are some tell-tale signs that you may be communicating with an internet dating fraudster:

  • These fraudsters will usually ask you for your phone number so they can send you text messages and instant messages. They prefer this method over using online chat rooms or dating websites.
  • They will keep asking questions that will help them gather as much information they can get about you, but they won’t reveal much about them.
  • They avoid telling where they are working and where exactly they are living.
  • They have a profile picture that is too perfect.
  • They are asking for money because of a particular dilemma they are facing

Insight Investigations have many years experience in investigating this type of fraud and we have become expert in helping people who believe that they may be victims of this sort of scam. If you think have fallen victim to an internet dating fraudster and would like help with investigating the case, please contact us now on 0800 14 55 123.