Advances In Spy Technology

Mention the words ‘private detective’ and certain stereotypes spring to mind – Sherlock Holmes with his deerstalker and superhuman intuition, Simon Templar relying on his physicality and brute force in The Saint, or the classic James Bond with his amazing gadgetry. Sadly, as much as we’d love some of them to be true (except perhaps the deerstalker!), these stereotypes are almost entirely false.

In truth, a successful detective agency doesn’t rely on a single investigator and his amazing powers. Instead, they use effective detection techniques and technology to bring each case to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

Private investigators have a difficult job to do. Their work involves making thorough and accurate observations of a specific person, place or situation, often without the knowledge of those involved. When on a covert observation job, it’s essential for them to obtain adequate evidence to wrap up a case without being seen.

At Insight Investigations, our highly trained investigators are very skilled at their jobs, but they would be hard pressed to obtain enough evidence without the proper tools and equipment.

Technology has advanced to such an extent that private investigators face unique challenges in our modern society – for example, it’s never been easier to fake an ID. Fortunately, significant advances have also been made in spy technology and other detection techniques, giving us the opportunity to catch dishonest individuals and provide a watertight case against them.

Camera Technology

Cameras are a private investigator’s best friend, and are often critical to a wide variety of investigations. Depending on the situation, investigators may use overt cameras – which are visible and used as a deterrent – or a range of covert cameras including camcorders and microcircuit cameras, which can be hidden in a tiepin, button or eyeglasses – perfect for situations that require a little discretion.

Camera footage provides excellent evidence and the quality of modern footage is something that Mr Bond himself would appreciate. It’s an essential part of making a case watertight, and all our footage comes with a date and time stamp, making it admissible for use in a court of law.

Information Gathering

In certain cases, such as locating missing persons, PIs need to construct a detailed identification profile of the target. Contrary to popular belief, private investigators do not have access to private government documents or confidential information. In fact, they have the same level of access as the general public.

But our searching skills are far superior, and with near-infinite internet resources, this task has never been easier. At Insight Investigations, we’re experts in gathering and handling information.

While the reality of being a private investigator may differ from traditional stereotypes, one thing remains the same – the ability to catch our man. If you require the assistance of a PI, contact us to see how we can help you.