Private Investigations

Private investigations can cover a variety of different areas including matrimonial concerns, tracing missing persons, and background checks. Our private detectives are always very professional and discreet in regards to private investigations of suspected infidelity and before they undertake an investigation we ensure that there are serious grounds for a partner’s suspicion, as an unjustified investigation can potentially cause irrevocable damage to a marriage or partnership.

However, if we choose to proceed we do so discreetly with consummate professionalism, using traditional tools such as observation photography as well as utilising our expertise in mobile phone technology and web technology in order to gain a clear and impartial picture of a partner’s movements and motivations. Private detectives can also be used to trace missing persons and these types of private investigations are extremely sensitive and emotive; therefore requiring highly developed interpersonal skills as well as professional attributes.

We always deal with the families and partners of missing persons with the utmost sensitivity and empathy and use all of our highly developed professional expertise to follow up ˜cold leads’, paper trails and all manner of other vital information which can help to trace the subject.

Background checks are used nowadays not only by employers but by partners who have met each other online. The vast majority of online romances are genuine and legitimate but it can be useful for a partner to check if they have been given accurate and truthful information on a new love as unfortunately, on rare occasions, the consequences of bogus romances can be both financially damaging and personally dangerous.