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If you are looking for a professional private investigation service then you have come to the right place. Insight Investigations have over 30 years’ trading experience in all types of investigations ranging from private matters through to commercial, legal & litigation, security and can even assist with technology and equipment.

Each one of our private investigations is meticulously thought out right from your initial contact through the strategy implementation. Our highly trained investigators offer confidential advice whilst carrying out each operation with the maximum level of discretion and professionalism throughout.

When you speak to an Insight private investigation specialist it will become clear to you that you are dealing with industry experts who work within the letter of the law and will not compromise our high level of morals and ethics simply for financial gain.

Dealing with Insight’s private investigation operatives will give you the best chance of your required investigation being completed successfully the first time of asking. We have built our reputation on closing cases by obtaining evidence in the correct manner and always putting our clients needs first.

When you require an Investigation Agency it is usually a time of emotional conflict. Insight understand this and are recognised for the professional manner in which we handle difficult and delicate situations.

The term Private Investigations covers just about all we do, but it is more usually referred to when Relationship, Family or Matrimonial matters are of concern.

With over 30 years’ experience Insight has handled relationship, family and matrimonial cases from the highest profile to the most discreet, all handled with tenacity, tact and empathy.

You may have concerns about your partner, children, parents or extended family at Insight we have dealt with many cases where, although suspicions have been high, there has been nothing untoward taking place.  Of course, in other cases we have found evidence of infidelity, family theft, abuse, misappropriation of family assets and some unexpected outcomes.  We realise that speculation and rumor can blight relationships and family life and we will investigate any matter whatsoever with the degree of tenacity required.  With our experience you know you are in safe hands and our discretion is our highest priority.

If you have never had cause to contact an Investigation Agency before, don’t worry. Insight’s experienced private investigators will discuss the matter with you in complete confidence and suggest ways forward to enable you to have the information you need so that an informed decision can be made on your future.

If you would like a FREE consultation with an operative to discuss our private investigations please do not hesitate to contact Insight today. 0800 14 55 123