Private Investigations and Missing Persons

Are you searching for somebody? Perhaps you’re trying to track down a lost relative, an errant father, or are investigating the disappearance of a loved one. Maybe you’re looking for an adopted child or trying to trace an old and dear friend. Missing persons cases can vary enormously, but without professional help it can seem like a neverending, and often hugely frustrating, task.

When you’re searching for a missing person, the sense of loss is always present, but the door is never really closed. A fresh search, a year, ten years, perhaps even thirty years later, could still yield results. People may move house, new documents could be released, databases could be updated, new search technology could be available. Sometimes, a person may simply have a change of heart.

At Insight Investigations, our team of private investigators are extremely accomplished at tracking down missing people from the smallest piece of information. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see something from a different angle that the police or other private investigators may have overlooked.

When people have been missing for many years, it’s easy to lose hope. What’s more, the family and friends who are searching may start to feel guilty if they have exhausted every angle and have to scale back on the search.

In such cases, it’s the feeling of ‘not knowing’ that’s the most difficult to deal with. We understand this, which is why we recommend that you regularly revisit old cases with a private investigator who can look at the case with a fresh mind, and use new resources or cutting-edge technologies to examine the case from a different angle.

Our private investigators are professionals with a wealth of experience in searching for and locating missing people. We understand the sensitivity of missing persons cases, and all our agents and support staff operate under strict guidelines concerning confidentiality and discretion.