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Facebook – Is Your Ex Partner Spying On You?

It seems like not a day goes by without the worldwide phenomenon that is Facebook hitting the headlines; there’s usually a mix of lots of negative stories about share prices, privacy issues and criminal activity, mixed in with positive stories such as user numbers, daily site statistics and unrivalled growth in their sector.

Whatever the headlines choose to feature, it generally doesn’t go below the surface and most of the time it’s featured with the idea of creating a big media storm for instant effect.

After studying recent surveys and reading materials, it has become apparent that Facebook is being used by a large number of people across the globe to keep tabs on their ex partner’s daily goings on and to find out where and what they are doing at any given time.

Social media is an easy place to find out a lot of information and keep tabs on where you are and what you are up to

One particular student study at an American University showed that our of all the people she had questioned over the course of 12 months that had recently split with their partner; almost 90% of them were using Facebook as a means to spy on them.

The study also focused on how implementing social media surveillance increased emotional stress levels and found that people who did indeed use Facebook as a means to spy on their ex partner felt more depressed, had higher levels of anxiety and generally felt none the better for having carried out regular surveillance.

To Insight it is a very interesting scenario; we make no secret about the fact that we use social media as a daily surveillance tool to help with our investigations such as people tracing and missing person tracing. We offer Facebook private investigations as a stand alone service and it has been invaluable to us being able to use this huge resource to compliment traditional private investigator methods.

As any Facebook user knows, you can block people from even finding you, however they could quite easily use a friends or a fake profile to infiltrate your profile. Many people may consider this stalking if you have blocked the person for a good reason; if you are worried about an ex-partner or anybody stalking you we can offer advice on private security and offer a range of personal protection services.

Also call the Police if you feel your personal information or security is at risk.

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