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Online Private Investigators

This article was originally written in 2012 and updated in 2017

Online Private Investigators still seemed like a strange concept back in 2012. When this page first went live we wrote;

“With the expansion of the world wide web and global popularity of people of all ages using the internet it is crucial to private detective agencies such as Insight to have a wealth of experience in internet investigations.”

It seems strange to think that less than five years ago there was a large proportion of the population still not online. Today things are very different and how we use the internet has moved on as well.

Back then I wrote;

“The internet has provided investigators with a new and more importantly legal weapon with which to research, train, explore and of course gather evidence for investigation purposes.”

Today when we investigate any case we need to start from the point that everything we do needs to stand up to scrutiny in the highest courts in the land and evidence collected as part of our investigation must be of the highest professional standards.

Online Private Investigator checking their detective email on a laptop

Maintaining Professional Standards

When I was called before the Leveson Inquiry in 2012, I said that the World Association of Private Investigators (WAPI), of which we are founder members, backed regulation as the fragmentation of the industry meant that professional standards were not being upheld as they should.

This applied especially to online private investigations where some people believed that methods such as phone tapping and hacking were perfectly alright as they were done remotely and ‘didn’t harm anyone’. This is fundamentally flawed thinking.

Online private investigators, therefore, must be beyond reproach. We must find material that is available without resorting to illegal means of gaining it.

Trust experienced professional online private investigators

At Insight, we have dedicated, experienced and professional online private investigators who specialise in internet investigation services. It is a vital component of being able to offer our clients and prospective clients a full-service solution under one roof.

Our online private investigator services include commercial, legal and private matters; we have also successfully completed hundreds of these investigations every year by combining our traditional, hard workings ethics with modern investigations methods.

The key to our success is by adhering to the highest professional standards and ensuring that the work we do achieves the result. After all, there are times when what you really need is someone who gets out from behind the desk and does some field work. And that’s where we have a huge advantage.

As long-standing professional private investigators, we have enormous experience in traditional methods of detection. When your case demands it we can provide the complete service to give you the result you need.

Do not accept second best when it comes to dealing with a private detective agency, especially when it comes to online private investigators. Not all Private Investigators are the same.

For more information regarding our online private investigator services please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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