Famous Private Detective to Hit the Big Screen

 perry mason private detective

Back in 1933 a fictional private detective caught peoples imagination worldwide. 

The Perry Mason legend was born. Followed up by a TV series in 1957 through till 1966, actor Raymond Burr played the role of private detective Perry Mason and the show frequently attracted a huge following.

The man behind Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner is one of the most succesfull authors of all time, with over 160 million prints of his books being in circulation prior to his death in 1969. The TV series is seen as the most successful and long running series focusing on a private detective of all time.

Now, after many decades in the wilderness globally acclaimed actor Robert Downey Jr intends to bring the character back to life in a blockbuster movie. Not a complete stranger to playing the part of a private detective, Downey Jr played the part of Sherlock Holmes in a recent movie by legendary director Guy Ritchie.

The news is that Downey Jr and producers are working on a story that will captivate audiences, although there is no scheduled release date as yet it will be great for the industry and younger film fans to experience a piece of this vintage private detective character.