Investigating Company Fraud: Looking After Your Business

When reading the news it’s all too easy to think of company fraud as only affecting the largest of institutions. However, even SMEs can suffer the devastating effects of fraud, making it all too easy for your business to suffer devastating consequences and everything you’ve worked for to evaporate. Here are some clear signals that fraudulent activities are occurring within your organisation and how private investigators can help.

Environmental Factors that Precipitate Fraudbusinessman looking through the blinds

Unsurprisingly, company fraud has continued to skyrocket due to the economic downturn and on-going austerity measures. The sense of social unease this has created has been matched by unprecedented technological advances that make fraudulent activity easier to undertake and harder to trace. This combination of psychological and technological factors means businesses need to be more aware of potential fraud than ever before.

How Fraud Takes Place

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes. It can include embezzlement, theft of equipment, the use of company resources, forgery, data and identity theft, and all manner of computer crimes. Once a person engages in fraudulent behaviour, they can find it very difficult to stop.

Signs of Fraudulent Activity

Some signs of fraudulent activity come in the guise of a good work ethic. These can include employees continually working after hours or on weekends or staff logging in from home at odd hours or repeatedly taking work home. Fraudsters will even go as far as skipping holidays and refusing promotions to ensure their activities aren’t detected. If you suspect something, look around your building and note missing or misfiled documents. These red flags all warrant deeper investigation.

Why Private Investigators are Necessary

It’s easy to write signs of fraud off as paranoia, especially if they come in the guise of a model employee. Private investigators will conduct their investigation as overtly or discretely as you wish, uncovering evidence and compiling documentation that can help in your legal case against a suspected fraudster. Some businesses, such as Insight Investigations have a strong history of protecting companies against fraud. They’re well worth calling if you’re concerned.