Private Detectives and Employee Absenteeism

Unexpected employee absences will affect the productivity and profits of your business and, if they become a regular occurrence, they will affect the morale and motivation of your staff. Managing employee absenteeism effectively is essential, for both the career and well-being of the errant worker, and for the reputation of your company.

However, investigating long-term employee absenteeism, especially if you suspect an element of wrongdoing, can be incredibly difficult to handle effectively and sensitively. At Insight Investigations, we understand that no employer wants to wrongly accuse an employee who is genuinely ill, but sometimes suspicions are wholly founded.

While employee absenteeism generally falls under the banner of corporate investigations, in reality these cases are usually dealt with by a private investigator. They carry out their enquiries and observation with the utmost discretion, so as not to jeopardise the relationship between an employer and their employee in genuine cases.

In our experience, turning to a detective agency should be a last resort when you suspect an employee of unwarranted absenteeism. But if you feel you have taken the case as far as you can, then a private investigation is essential.

It’s important to give us as much information as possible. What evidence do you have of any wrongdoing? Has a particular event fuelled your suspicions, or have you been alerted by gossip or a lack of contact? What steps have you already taken to resolve the issues in-house?

These sorts of investigations are all carried out with objectivity. We urge our corporate clients to note that laziness is rarely the root cause of the problem. More often, problems arise due to hostilities between the employee and their employer, or can be down to internal problems such as bullying.

The most important piece of advice we give to businesses is to record everything of note. If the case goes as far as dismissal, it’s essential that you have through records to back up your case.

Investigating employee absenteeism can be a difficult decision to make, but it is in the best interests of your company.