UK Absenteeism Getting Worse

According to official statistics, businesses in the UK have lost almost 7 days per employee in the last year as a direct result of absenteeism. As a result, our economy is losing a staggering 100 billion pounds due to this issue. When it comes to working days, that’s around 131 million days a year. Interestingly, one in four businesses in the UK say that non-genuine absence is the number one reason for short term and some long term absences (but only when it comes to non-manual employees).

an empty office space in a business

At the same time, one in three businesses report that this is the number one reason for absences when it comes to manual workers. So, in light of this, it is no wonder why so many UK businesses are looking for solutions for this serious issue that so frequently can disrupt their operations. One way to do this is to find replacement employees with the help of specialised agencies.

For example, this is a common problem for restaurant owners, especially for those running chains of restaurants. As we all know, even if one of the members of the team is missing, this can seriously affect the service and visitor’s experience. So, by using an agency that provides replacement employees for a week or for a month, these restaurants can rest assured that everything will go smoothly and that the absence of one or few of their employees won’t cost their restaurant’s reputation.

The level of absenteeism in the UK is shocking when we compare it to most of the developed countries. The negative effects of this problem are felt by all companies, but they are especially harsh for small businesses. Absenteeism happens throughout the year, but the non-genuine cases mostly occur during the summer when people just fancy a day off in the sun and in the winter period, when harsh weather conditions can cause some people to fancy a ‘duvet day’.

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