When you require an Investigation Agency it is usually a time of emotional conflict. Insight understand this and are recognised for the professional manner in which we handle difficult and delicate situations.

Private Investigations

The term ‘Private Investigations’ covers just about all we do, but it is more usually referred to when Relationship, Family or Matrimonial matters are of concern.

With over 30 years of experience, Insight has handled relationship, family and matrimonial cases from the highest profile to the most discreet, all handled with tenacity, tact and empathy.

If you have never had cause to contact an Investigation Agency before, don’t worry. Insights experienced operatives will discuss the matter with you in complete confidence and suggest ways forward to enable you to have the information you need so that an informed decision can be made on your future. Call us for help & advice on 0800 14 55 123

Matrimonial Investigations, Background Check Investigations & more…

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Commercial & Corporate Investigations

Increasing challenges within the business environment can lead to problems affecting a business that were little heard of just a few years ago. With strains placed upon budgets and the working environment, seemingly small events can have a knock-on effect to a business interfering with its day to day running and, subsequently, its profitability.

The variety of problems affecting a business can range from Unauthorised Employee Absenteeism, through Theft to Industrial Espionage with just about everything in between.

Insight Investigations experienced team can be pro-active in prevention of such maligning of a company either by vetting its current and prospective staff, analysing its competitors methods, investigating Employee absenteeism or misconduct, even ‘tailor making’ systems thereby freeing a company’s Directors to use their skills in promoting and running their company and not directing their attention¬†elsewhere.

Our strength is in the provision of specialist services, providing the know-how and expertise required to bring a commercial or corporate investigation to its very best conclusion, empowering our client with the knowledge needed to effect an informed decision.

Put your company in a position of strength before acting, by obtaining the facts that are required to make an informed decision.

Due-Diligence Investigations, Competitor Profiling Investigations & more…

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Electronic Technology

At Insight, we invest in the latest technologies and we are committed to ensuring that we stay ahead, by combining the latest technology with human expertise and experience. The investigation industry has undergone tremendous changes over recent years. Long gone are the days of men in long raincoats hiding down dark alleys to view their targets. This is the high-tech era and most of the equipment used today was only dreamed of a few years ago. From tie-pin cameras, digital video, video link devices, GPS tracker solutions.

Every situation demands a different approach and it is only by discussing the situation with you can our experienced investigators advise the best solution for the circumstances.

Legal & Litigation Support

Regularly engaged by Law Firms, government bodies, local councils and commercial enterprises, Insight has a reputation for obtaining the information, evidence and assisting in Litigation, Criminal Defence, and Appeal matters where comprehensive and detailed reporting is essential.

Our experienced team will investigate the matter, obtain the evidence and present it in an acceptable format for all Courts together with Tribunal. Such evidence will be backed, when necessary, by physical attendance at Court or Tribunal to give testament to such evidence.

To discuss the aspects of your case in-depth and in absolute confidence, please call one of our experienced investigators to discuss your case or any aspect of it in detail.

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