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It is said that 1 in 4 relationships now start with on-line contact, and internet dating is increasingly popular with people looking for love and potential future spouses. Because of the nature of the internet it is now possible to have contact with prospective partners not just in the UK, but globally.

Internet Dating Scam

As online dating has grown, so have the number of instances of internet dating fraud. This type of activity is aimed at people who have a profile on a dating site.  The fraudsters often posing as military personnel or perhaps high standing company executives are often criminals from the UK and overseas.

Increasingly such fraudsters are becoming very clever and will always have upgraded, full membership profiles to appear genuine. They will devise stories that they need money now to travel to meet the potential partner or they are in financial difficulties so need to borrow money straightway.  Some have a tendency to engage in a ‘long con’, whereas they will build up an online relationship with their target, in some cases refusing initial offers of financial assistance, in order to hook their target at a later date for a substantial amount. Recent cases of internet dating fraud have seen people lose in excess of £40,000 to internet dating fraud. On occasion, the fraudsters return to their original target passing themselves off as a foreign government agency who have ‘caught’ the cyber criminal and found the targets name on their files – they will then ask for further finance to ‘administer’ a refund after which they disappear.

Contact Insight Investigations today on 0800 14 55 123 if you believe you are being targeted or if you are in any way unsure of the person you are corresponding with and would like our private detectives to carry out a background check on your potential date to prove if they really are who they claim to be. This can help prevent you becoming a victim of internet dating fraud. Such investigations are wholly discreet.

Likewise there are others, whilst not intending to defraud financially, can be profiling themselves as a single person when in fact they can be married or seeing numerous partners whilst posing to desire an exclusive meaningful relationship. If they have been unprepared to provide a landline telephone number or an address then they may have such intention in mind.

Despite the vetting of respectable and responsible dating sites, these fraudsters remain a real time problem for the unwary.

Whilst care should always be exercised in such on-line contact this should not detract from, what can be to some, a fulfilling and ideal way to find romance and there are many many examples that prove this.

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