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Faking GPS Locations

The new technological development of faking GPS locations is just one of the advances in tech which has reshaped the way we live, interact and behave, but in the context of extramarital affairs it’s something which can enable partners to adopt second lives easily with very little chance of detection.

Our dedicated relationships team here at Insight Investigations is constantly researching and staying abreast of the latest developments in the tech space so that we can offer guidance to our clients faced with an unfaithful partner. One of the most alarming discoveries of recent months is the steadily increasing trend of cheating spouses faking their location through downloadable software available for both Android and iOS phones.

Up until recently your phone and its location services could be a huge risk to those who are being unfaithful to their partner. With both Google Maps and WhatsApp able to track your location, and more pertinently share that location in just a few clicks to one of your contacts, the thing we rely most on could often be the undoing of any cheating partner.

However, as with most things in 2021, advances in technology now enable those who are in need of secrecy and privacy to achieve just that through their phone. The new developments in ‘GPS Location changing software’ not only hides your true location, but even helps to deceive someone into thinking their cheating partner is exactly where they should be, be that home, work, at a friend’s house or even at after work drinks.

Although faking a GPS location is possible, it certainly isn’t straightforward. However one thing we know at Insight Investigations from our 30 years’ operating in the private investigation industry is that someone conducting an affair behind their partners back will go to any lengths to hide their wrongdoings and can become extreme in their behaviour and deceit.

As the affair, or in some cases affairs, continue over a period of time, suspicions from the cheated partner strengthen and in order to continue hiding the affair the ‘cheater’ becomes more and more devious in how they continue to conceal that ‘additional’ relationship.

In recent cases, our relationships team has worked on cases where programmes available on websites such as are used to create fake GPS locations. Websites and programmes such as these are marketed as tools to enable people to do simple things such as play Pokémon Go without leaving the house or even stream Netflix content which is not available in your particular region. However, the more sinister side of these tools is to hide locations for people who are conducting affairs and even illegal activity.

The GPS tracking software used on both Android and iOS devices is the same and both have strict restrictions to make it impossible for the phone to run any piece of code leading to running unsupervised programmes. However, the development of sites such as means that people can simply plug their phone into their computer, download the software and have full control over their location.

Once downloaded users can simply input a longitude and latitude (easily found on Google maps) and their phone will show them at that location until switched off.

With this technological development set to increase in popularity, moving from the ‘underground’ to the mainstream we predict it becoming increasingly harder to know the exact whereabouts of a partner if you’re suspicious of them being unfaithful. At Insight Investigations we believe that the only sure fire way of understanding whether a partner is cheating is through the tried and tested tactic of matrimonial surveillance.

Surveillance is a method adopted by both armed forces and the police, and our dedicated surveillance team have years of experience in this area, always operating within the parameters of UK law and adhering to a strict code of conduct which respects both moral, ethical and legal rights of those in question, and those that surround them.

In addition to being unequivocal proof of wrongdoing, presented as written reports and photographic and video evidence if needed, the use of surveillance means that should the evidence of wrongdoing need to be presented during legal proceedings, it can be. Our investigators who work in this highly sensitive space are fully trained to give evidence in court whether that be for divorce or custody hearings.

If you believe your partner is being unfaithful our dedicated relationships team can offer guidance and counsel on your situation, advising on the best course of action in order for you to get to the facts of the matter.

You can call and speak to either a male or female investigator 24/7 for a free and completely confidential consultation on the below number or via our contact form.

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