Private Investigation Blaggers

We’ve written numerous times about the negative stigma attached to the Private Investigation industry, which still completely lacks any official regulatory body – and this week it’s back in the press again, as ‘rogue’ private eyes have been found to be using illegal methods to ‘blag’ or hack information.

But as we’ve previously stated it is very important to be able to distinguish between a proper private investigation firm and these ‘blaggers’ who have been caught, who would never be referred to as true investigators, for the methods they used. At the end of the day the methods that are being used by these rogue investigators are purely shortcuts, and illegal shortcuts at that. The jobs in question could easily be done correctly and legally, and although it may take a bit more time it is this type of work that the majority of investigators do on a daily basis.

While it may seem all well and good having such a quick turnaround time using these illegal methods, what these rogue companies seem to be missing is that any information obtained this way is useless in any Court of Law, and investigators should always work on the assumption that any case undertaken could end up in front of a Jury, Judge or Tribunal. In these situations the investigators methods will always be questioned and they must be able to produce a chain of evidence gathering that passes legal muster.

Any professional private investigation agency will always work completely within the law to get the results you need, and will be able to provide all of the evidence in such a way that it can stand rigorous cross examination in court. We’ve said it numerous times before, but when it comes to looking for a private investigator you should always look for:

  • A physical address you can visit, NOT A PO BOX
  • Trade Association Memberships
  • Landline Telephone Number, NOT A MOBILE NUMBER
  • Registered Company Details
  • Range of Payment Methods Accepted, NOT CASH ONLY. Professional companies will accept card payments and other payment methods, they will not solely accept cash in person

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